slingshot cold brew

If you taste something like never before when you sip Slingshot, then you get it. Slingshot isn't your average cold brew. We set out to craft the highest-quality, best-tasting cold brew that is light, bright, juicy and fruity -- all of the things we know and love that make insanely delicious cold coffee. 

We brew cold from start to finish for a result that is clean, balanced and complex with notes of citrus, cacao and stone fruit.

Slingshot is always brewed using only single-origin coffees that are 100% Certified Organic, Certified Kosher and directly-sourced.


slingshot cascara Teas

When we launched our Cascara Tea in 2013, we knew it might be a head-scratcher. The simple answer: it's a tea brewed from the fruit & fruit skin that surrounds a coffee bean. So is it coffee? Maybe not in the traditional sense. Is it tea? Sure... most closely an herbal tea. Does it beg another sip? Absolutely.

Just like Slingshot Coffee, our Cascara Tea is brewed cold for a supremely tasty tea that parties on your palate with crisp brightness and notes of white grape and fig.  

Our Cascara is always single origin and single variety -- sourced directly from Aida Batlle, fifth generation coffee producer and owner of the world-renowned Finca Kilimanjaro in Santa Ana, El Salvador.