We do love all the seasons, but oh how summer holds a special place in our hearts. Nothing beats the sights, the smells, and especially the sounds and the flavors. So, we came up with the idea to invite some of our favorite friends to share their ultimate summer playlist with you. Turn up the volume, gift your ears some of the best tunes, and enjoy your #SLINGSHOTSUMMER. 

 Photo by Dan Huiting 

Photo by Dan Huiting 


Our first "Guest DJ" is actually a duo. Donna and Stella, of DEAR HEARTS, are friends and neighbors and all around super humans. We are so excited for you to meet them and hear their #slingshotsummer playlist. 

Hi! Dear Hearts just celebrated our five year anniversary (high five! and high six to you, Slingshot!). The two of us, Stella and Donna, have a pretty dreamy and fun business - we get to design and style backstage hangout areas + artist green rooms/trailers at music festivals in the US and Mexico. We've also styled photo shoots and music videos for bands like Sylvan Esso and Wye Oak. And we do wardrobe for commercials. Annnnd we style the occasional restaurant/biz space. Basically we spend a chunk of our time going with our guts, riffing off our intuition and making people and moments feel special and cozy. There are a lot of not-as-pretty behind-the-scenes work to it all (early mornings,  sweaty 16+-hour days, hauling cumbersome things with our arms and backs) but all that really matters is that end result. Do you feel good? Then we feel good! That's the gist of it.

We have been in love with Slingshot since forever. First, it's delicious and always feels like a special treat. But also very important: it simplifies our lives. There is nothing like waking up groggy as hell at 4:30am for an early call time, road trip or flight and not having to force your brain and hands to make a pour-over. Instead, it's simply some ice, some almond or cashew or coconut milk, Slingshot cold brew, a little stir and suddenly! Zip-zap! We're jazzed and ready to do this (or at least awake enough to remember to brush our teeth)!

So because of this - Dear Hearts, Slingshot, getting zip-zapped and friendship - this playlist is dedicated to the ultimate summer adventure: ROAD TRIPS. After 15 years of friendship and probably 2X that amount of epic road trips together, we have a lot of song memories. It's all over the place, just like us, because each song touches on different moments in our lives together. That's gonna happen when you experience your 20s and 30s together. We met each other as these kinda ratty music kids when we were cross-country (NY to LA) and we lived a good chunk of friendship crossing this same country in a car, windows down, screaming our hearts out to some of these lyrics. Now, we keep the windows up (don't waste that AC, y'all!) and the volume stays reasonable, but we're still with the songs. You'll hear that in this list, too. You'll hear us driving back from Joshua Tree at 2am in 2009 and us stuck in traffic across the entire state of Connecticut in 2018. Oh! The song that inspired our name is also in this playlist! Not a ton of people know but you'll probably understand our history and selves a little better after giving that a spin.

Stella + Donna

It’s time for our annual #slingshotsummer here at Slingshot Coffee Co. This year, we’re celebrating our favorite season with just a handful of the people who inspire us all year long. For 2018, we are thrilled to partner with local friends and some friends across the map for our giveaways. Stay tuned and be sure to start tagging your best #SLINGSHOTSUMMER to win!